Confession: I like Pokémon Go

Hi, I am Susanne and I like Pokémon Go (imagine me standing up, saying this out loud with a face full of shame). I am over 30, I am a woman, I certainly have better things to do with my life but I just like to collect things. And nowadays…


Will there ever be peace?

Tonight was a beautiful night. The sun shined, the weather was nice and we celebrated the weekend with cocktails at the beach. But then. A message on my phone. Breaking news: shootings in Munich. Not again. It’s easy to start to feel indifferent to these kind of messages since it seems…


It’s finally summer!!

As a true Dutchy, I am destined to say something about the weather today. It’s in our DNA I guess. Whenever you meet a Dutch person, the first thing you’ll talk about is the weather. “Nice weather today right?” “Will this rain ever stop?” “When will summer start?” “I’m sick…


Concert at Sea

I’m not very up to date when it comes to music. I don’t know who sings what or what a song is called. Unless it’s Backstreet Boys. I usually come to festivals for the people, the beer, the food and I enjoy myself sitting on the grass watching other people….

El Arenal

Costa Rica

When I was a little kid, I traveled to Costa Rica with my parents. I remembered a lot of nature, green nature, and a flood (I guess it was rain season?) . But I especially remembered one thing. The pacific coast (I know now that this is a huge coastline…

2016-06-24 18.19.30-2

Fishy Friday

I am not the biggest fan of anything that comes from the sea. It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s more that there is so much more yummy food out there. Like hamburgers. Or french fries. Hamburger with fries, yes you can wake me up for that! Or pizza. Pizza…


Does not having a 5 year plan mean you’re unstable?

“You’re just not a stable person.” That’s what my friend was told at a job interview. When I hear a person say that someone isn’t stable, I immediately think of people who have psychological problems, who might be on drugs, addicted to alcohol, etc. But not my friend, who is social,…

2016-05-21 17.31.57

Hello, it’s me

I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet…. Yeah, got that song stuck in your head now as well? Isn’t it annoying how easily this song can settle in your brain and just hang out there for the rest of the day? Anyway, I’m back! I silently went…